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About The Inspector

Brian Pettee
NH License #340

Brian Pettee Home Inspector

You want to know if you can move in right away.  What are the big-ticket items and the safety issues?  Brian Pettee will answer those questions for you.

Brian Pettee, Owner

Licensed Home Inspector in New Hampshire and Maine


Before becoming a home inspector, Brian Pettee was a general contractor and carpenter for 14 years.  He knows all about homes from the ground up, inside and out, able to spot potential hidden problems that may not be visible to the eye. And he is thorough.


Brian looks at everything. You want an inspector that is going to take in the whole picture ---the lot, the exterior of the home, especially the roof.  And look deeply into everything from the attic to the basement, checking structural integrity, level of insulation, and report any signs of water damage.  Brian makes sure all systems such as electric, plumbing, heating, and cooling are up to code throughout the whole house and will also perform radon and water testing.


When a purchase and sale has been signed and a buyer needs to know the condition of the house, Brian is the one to call.  His experience and eye for detail means you will get a solid, honest report, emailed to you with photos, all within 24 hours of inspection.  And that is exactly what is needed when making such an important purchase as your future home.


+ Homes Inspected


Years of Experience

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